Systems Trivia

Welcome, trivia enthusiasts! We hosted the first Systems Trivia event at this year’s HotOS! It was tons of fun, and we are very happy about the super positive feedback we got from the community. We hope this was just the beginning of a series of fortunate Trivia events… Stay tuned!

Currently, there are no upcoming, scheduled Trivia events. However, below we leave some general guidelines about our current organization.

Content Contributions

Systems Trivia rely upon anecdotes, paper descriptions, and other contributions by members of the systems community. If you have some anecdotes you’d like to share or you simply contribute to the content of the event, then please consider filling out and submitting this form


If you have any feedback that you would like to share regarding our HotOS event, then please consider submitting this feedback form. We look forward to your feedback to improve the event in the future!

Event Details

The events are held entirely virtually and will be streamed on Twitch. All participants must join the Trivia zoom meeting where they will be placed in separate breakout rooms along with their team members. Please join the zoom meeting 10 minutes before the event, so that we can begin the quiz in a timely manner.


To participate in Systems Trivia Night, please register through this registration form. You can either register a full team, a partial team, or just yourself.

Team Structure

Teams are max 5 people. You can register as a team or an individual. If you don’t have a team, no worries, we’ll take care of assigning you one. Teams that are being registered only need to register a minimum of 2 people. Individuals that do not register as part of teams will be placed in teams that have not completed their full quota of 5 people.

Quiz Structure

The quiz will be divided into 5 rounds - 1 practice round and 4 actual rounds. Note that the practice round will not count towards the final score.

Each round will consist of 5-10 questions with each question repeated twice. Answers to each question will be revealed at the end of each round!

Submitting Responses

All teams must submit their answers to each round through their respective response submission forms.


The prize is… A BITCOIN! But we don’t trust these fancy schmancy cryptocurrencies, so the winners will not be receiving the cryptocurrency BitCoin, but an actual physical coin with the BitCoin logo on it.

Hall of Fame

Here are the list of winners and runner-ups from past events:

Your Hosts